Toilet paper burns on I-20 near Dallas after trucker nods off at wheel

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An 18-wheeler truck, bearing ‘thousands’ of rolls of toilet paper, tipped over and caught fire when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and lost control.

Driver and Used Semi Trucks – http://TraierTodd.com dog ‘Moochie’ both escaped the crash unharmed, which occurred westbound on Interstate 20, in Hutchins, Used Semi Trucks Dallas County, Texas, at around 4.45am on Wednesday morning. 

The wreckage, near the split with Interstate 45, saw hundreds and hundreds of rolls of bathroom paper strewn along the highway, many on fire. 

Toilet paper has become a precious commodity during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has prompted – http://ms-jd.org/search/results/search&keywords=prompted/ a spike in panic-buying. 

‘Thousands’ of rolls of toilet paper seen here strewn along the side of Interstate 20 after the 18-wheeler smash in Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas

A view from the bridge – the truck burning up top; below the toilet paper on the highway

The wreckage of the 18-wheeler seen here on its side – driver and dog Moochie got away safe

The driver, unnamed, reported to local police he was driving to San Antonio from Alabama.

After a failed attempt to find a place to rest in Rockwall, Texas, he decided to keep on trucking. 

He intended to find accommodation that was open in Dallas, he said. 





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However, tired from the road, the driver fell asleep, tipped the 18-wheeler on its side where it crashed and then caught fire. 

Upon impact, the truck was severely damaged casting thousands of rolls of toilet paper into the road.

Video footage shows the rig on its side smoking while emergency fire crews battle to put out the flames. 

Local reports say that Hutchins police, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, and Dallas Fire-Rescue all responded to the incident. 

A firefighter seen here tackling the still-burning 18-wheeler flipped on its side in the road 

Fire crews seen battling to put out the flaming wreckage in the pre-dawn, in Hutchins, in Texas

A sorry sight – hundreds of rolls of toilet paper seen here by the highway as drivers speed past

The crash also led to a huge delay and backed-up traffic on I-20 during rush hour, according to CBS DFW.

All westbound lanes had to be closed while emergency crews worked to clear the fiery wreckage. 

One person on Twitter wrote: ‘Praying the driver is okay! Thank you to all of you who helped the driver and cleaned up the scene.’

Another wrote: ‘Glad the driver and his dog are OK. My Mom told me about this today. 

‘I live in PA and had to mail her toilet paper as there is none where she’s at south of Dallas. 

‘Hell, it took two days to score any to send her and cost more to mail it than to buy it. Can’t wait for the hoarders to be broke.’   


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